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Planting and caring for a lantern tree - this is how it's done

Planting and caring for a lantern tree - this is how it's done

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A lantern tree from Chile is a plant that is very unknown to us. Find out here how to plant and care for it.

Lantern trees bloom from May to August

The lantern tree can provide a particularly Mediterranean accent in the garden. Its advantage is often described in the fact that its shrub-like growth does not reach more than about 2 meters in height, which means that the lantern tree can also thrive in a winter garden. This is one of the reasons why the English lived on the island many years ago.

Lantern trees bloom from May to August

Already in early spring, the lantern tree greets the first rays of the sun with bright red lantern flowers, which are lined up close together on the branches like lanterns. And you can really enjoy this purple bloom for a very long time when you plant such a lantern tree. It blooms from May to August! A very long time, which is why the lantern tree is really something very special.

If you also want to get this eye-catcher in the garden, then it is best to observe the following information regarding the planting and care of the lantern tree.

Planting and caring for a lantern tree - this is how it's done

Planting a lantern tree:

Lantern trees also thrive in partial shade. Why they are easy to care for. However, you should make sure that your lantern trees are not directly in the breeze.

Otherwise, you do not have to pay much attention when planting lantern trees. We only recommend the use of special rhododendron soil, which can be achieved in the long term when planting pots - even when repotting (link tip: repotting plants in 8 steps).

Maintain lantern tree:

" To water:

You always have to water your lantern tree sufficiently because it needs a lot of moisture. Low-lime rainwater is particularly suitable for this.

»Cut back:

Pruning is rarely necessary once with this extremely slow growing plant. If so, this should only be done in autumn (after flowering).


It is best to fertilize the lantern tree with rhododendron fertilizer. Three to four times a year should be enough.

»Winter protection:

In general, the evergreen lantern trees are not particularly hardy and must, as e.g. Oleanders and trumpet tree can also be stored frost-proof in winter. Provide appropriate frost protection, but you can also leave the perennial plant outdoors (hardy to around minus 10 degrees).

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