Storage of firewood - tips and ideas

Storage of firewood - tips and ideas

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Storing firewood correctly is not difficult. The art, however, is to store it decoratively. Here are some tips and ideas for storage.

Firewood can also be used as a garden decoration

If you store firewood, you can not only fire the fireplace from time to time. Firewood can also be stacked very decoratively in the garden. Great effects can then also be achieved, such as in the form of a garden room divider, fence systems, creative patterns, etc.

However, exact preparatory work is then required, which is the necessary basis for a decorative stack of firewood. So here are our tips on how to optimally store the firewood.

Store firewood correctly - follow these tips

Tip 1 - planning:

First of all, you have to plan for what purpose you ultimately want to use the firewood stack, e.g. as rustic house cladding. From this, the need for firewood for this sub-area can ultimately be calculated. This value can, but does not have to correspond to the general demand value for firewood.

" Important:

The length of the individual logs is of course extremely important for decorative storage. This depends on the furnace depth and is usually between 25 and 50 centimeters. What is important here is an exact cut of the same length, which can be optimally realized with a rocking saw.

Tip 2 - document:

You should never stack firewood directly on the natural floor, so that it does not draw any moisture, but can dry well. Cross-wood battens, longer firewood poles, metal pipes and the like serve as the base for a stack of firewood.

Tip 3 - side holder:

You can also stabilize wood piles again with so-called side holders, or you can no longer break them away to the right and left. For this purpose, a wide variety of models made of different materials are already available in specialist shops. You can also easily make such side holders yourself from glazed wooden slats.

" Important:

As a rule, a span of 4 meters should not be exceeded. Longer stacks of wood should always be interrupted again by inserted side brackets so that stability can be guaranteed.

Another possibility, especially with fence systems, is to wall the side brackets and to lay the firewood evenly between the wall distances every year.

Tip 4 - shelter:

It is also advisable to build a suitable shelter for frequently used stacks of firewood. You can then stack the firewood in it year after year. Outdoor seats, which are provided on three sides with firewood walls, reflect an extremely attractive character. On top of this variant there is a stable roof construction.

Tip 5 - cover:

In order for the firewood, once dry, to remain dry, you must always cover free-standing piles. Special attachments (e.g. corrugated iron, wooden structures, etc.) or crack-resistant protective foils, which can be weighted down with heavy stones, are suitable for this.

Stacking firewood decoratively - 2 ideas presented

Although firewood logs can all be cut to the same length, they are of different thicknesses, which is why there are two options for serving:

  • Arrange either row by row lengthways
  • or stack row by row at right angles to each other.

Regardless of which sideboard you choose in the end: Between the individual rows, a balance must certainly be created again and again. Ideally, this is done with small split logs that you can easily insert between the regular logs.

Idea No. 1 - round stack:

A round pile looks like an eye-catcher in large gardens. At the same time, tons of firewood can be stored in a round stack, which is why this type of serving is absolutely recommended for larger amounts of firewood.

For this purpose, you first have to align firewood poles in a circle on the underside and plank them with smooth boards. Then arrange the individual logs in a circle on the outside and fill the center circle bit by bit using the bulk technique.

A round pile is a real eye catcher

At a height of around 60 to 80 centimeters, you should insert a smooth middle layer (e.g. with boards) in order to provide the round stack with sufficient compensation. Finally, you have to cover the round stack with a protective cover.

" Tip:

You can also effectively decorate round stacks with willow branches. However, you can also leave individual logs longer so that they stick out when stacked. You can then equip these evenly arranged logs with funny details, such as Wind chimes, lanterns, winter feeding for birds, etc.

Idea No. 2 - creative serving:

An artistic variant of stacking firewood is creative serving. So you can e.g. Arrange patterns or motifs from different types of wood on walls.

Make a sketch for the pattern beforehand

For the respective motif, you should definitely make a drawing that is as true to scale as possible, because this will make it much easier to serve later. This is a good variant with which even beginners can learn creative firewood serving.

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