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Autumn anemones - tips for care and the right location

Autumn anemones - tips for care and the right location

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In this article you will learn how to properly care for, share and find the perfect location for the autumn anemone.

Our autumn tip for your garden: The easy-care autumn anemone only begins to bloom every year in late summer and optimally counteracts the autumn gloom that is already slowly starting. So it is no wonder that it has long been one of the most popular late bloomers in the country gardens.

Tip: The delicate pink or white flowers of the wild forms look particularly lovely and are very suitable as cut flowers for the vase. In the meantime, however, new varieties in a wide variety of colors are increasingly being offered in specialist shops.

Herbstanemone - the right location

The autumn anemones, which grow up to 1.5 m high, are often planted in groups, which allows them to come into their own even better during their flowering phase. They prefer nutrient-rich, humus-rich or moderately loamy soil.

The autumn anemone can also be planted without any problem in the light shade. Whereby you will often find a naturally moist floor. Gladly in the immediate vicinity of walls or trees. Because direct sunlight is only tolerable if it is watered regularly - even before flowering begins.

Tip: Always attach tall growing anemone perennials to a garden pole or fence post so that they do not kink in strong winds.

The autumn anemone can be propagated by dividing the perennials. Spring is definitely the best time to go, because the new plants can then grow optimally over the summer. August is recommended as the latest planting date.

Tip: In spring, the autumn anemones are unfortunately often eaten by snails, whereas the gardener should act as soon as possible.

Care tips for the autumn anemone

Although the autumn anemone is hardy, it should still be heaped with leaves or covered with brushwood in late autumn to protect it from severe frost. Especially during the first two years of planting!

Furthermore, the perennial always needs a uniformly moist soil, but no waterlogging may occur. Especially on hot summer days, the still inconspicuous looking plant needs to be watered regularly.

Tip: Loosen the always moist soil around the perennial again and again. In spring and after flowering in autumn, compost can also be worked in when loosening.