Mushroom herb - cultivation and care

If you like to eat mushrooms, you should definitely plant mushroom herbs, because this has a great mushroom aroma. Here are our tips for growing and care.

Still quite unknown to us: the mushroom herb

Mushroom herb is still relatively unknown to us

Unfortunately, the aromatic mushroom herb is still quite unknown in our gardens. Although its extremely nutrient-rich leaves have an excellent mushroom aroma and not only serve as a spice, but can even be eaten raw.

" Our tip:

Let the mushroom herb cook briefly at the end of the cooking process, or use the herb to refine salads.


Buy mushroom herb:

At the moment you can only buy cuttings or whole plant sticks of the mushroom herb in well-stocked specialist shops. However, you can of course also conveniently order this herb plant online.

Location and soil:

The mushroom herb, which actually comes from Papua New Guinea, should be grown on humus-rich, slightly moist soil. You should prefer a location in partial shade, because the leaves grow only moderately when the sun is too strong. The same applies of course to the pure shadow place.

" Tip:

You can then multiply the mushroom herb by dividing larger rhizomes.


Winter mushroom herb:

Mushroom herb loves warmth, which is why it only begins to grow when the outside temperature is around 10 degrees. On the other hand, its leaves quickly lose their frost temperature. That is why you have to protect the mushroom herb well in the open during the winter months. During this time, you can also place the plant in a frost-free, tempered room, which also has a little daylight.

Pour mushroom herb:

You always have to keep the root area of ​​the mushroom herb moist. But be careful: you should definitely avoid waterlogging.

Fertilize mushroom herb:

In autumn you also have to incorporate fresh compost around the mushroom herb. In spring, you can also give the herb plant a little full fertilizer.


In principle, you can harvest the crispy leaves of the mushroom herb all year round. However, you should preferably pick the shoot tips so that the plant can grow back bushy from below.

" Tip:

In between, you can also cut back individual plants radically (approx. 5 centimeters above the ground).

You can then eat the vitamin C-rich leaves, which taste really wonderful like mushrooms, freshly washed on bread, in a salad, or cooked as spinach, etc.