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Do you also plant avocados? - rearing and care

Do you also plant avocados? - rearing and care

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It is not easy, but not impossible, to plant and harvest avocados with us. Tips for rearing and care here.

Avocado - rearing and care

The avocado, which actually comes from Mexico, has now also established itself with us and is not only used in the kitchen, but also increasingly in the cosmetics industry.


The best-known avocado recipe is the "guacomole", an avocado cream that is preferably served as a spread (dip) or with meat dishes.

However, in our latitudes it is very difficult (vegetation phases that are too short) to let the avocado fruits ripen sufficiently so that they are ultimately suitable for consumption. Avocados are also not self-pollinating!

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Avocado trees love it warm and humid, which is why they are ideal for sunny winter gardens or light-flooded greenhouses. Avocados will therefore be kept mostly as container plants in our region.

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On hot sunny days, the avocado tree can of course also be brought outdoors. Where it can stay even at night temperatures of up to approx. 5 ° C.

However, it should be noted that avocado trees can reach a height of up to 20 m in nature, which is why they have to be repotted regularly in the tub (as soon as the root ball is rooted) and must be cut back.


Avocados prefer a loamy, sandy soil. For this reason, either substrate or a specially mixed potting soil should be used in the tubs.

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Conventional potting soil mixed with sand can of course also be used for this - usually inexpensive to produce yourself.

This evergreen plant only needs to be watered a little, but is allowed to dry out briefly in between - especially in winter. After about 10 years, a first flowering phase can then be expected.

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However, if the avocado plant is kept moderately moist - not wet - during the annual growth phase and fruiting, it will develop all the more splendidly.

Avocados should also be regularly fertilized with a liquid fertilizer - about once a month. In autumn and winter, however, fertilization should be avoided in principle - vegetation break.


Of course, the avocado can also be grown yourself. The core of a fresh, very ripe fruit is required for this, which should be washed thoroughly (carefully remove the pulp) before it is put into the soil for germination.

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The core should not completely disappear into the earth, but should protrude approximately 2/3 from the earth with the tip upwards. Water regularly with a sprayer - do not wet!

It is also good if the seed pot is covered with a transparent film during germination (alternatively use a glass plate) so that there is an increased level of humidity. This film should only be lifted briefly to moisten it.

The germination time of the avocado is on average between 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the temperature, sometimes longer) and should take place in a warm location - e.g. B. on a south window without direct sunlight, but at least 21 ° C room temperature and more!

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During the germination, the kernel usually even breaks into two parts, which is why the avocado is so exciting to grow itself!