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Chinese lantern flowers - 4 tips for care

Chinese lantern flowers - 4 tips for care

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Every child knows the orange lantern flowers, which can be used in autumn for all kinds of pretty decorations. Here are 4 tips for the care of the lantern flowers.

Chinese lantern flowers are slightly poisonous


Lampion flowers produce small, white flowers from May to July, which form a beautiful contrast to their green leaves. From these flowers, the first green, then orange lanterns develop from July to August, which also carry an orange fruit. If the lanterns turn brown in the autumn months of September and October and mutate into a kind of lantern net, the view of the orange fruit is released. In this way, the lantern plant has a special charm on its viewer during its entire flowering period.

Chinese lantern flowers - 4 tips for care

Tip 1 - watering / fertilizing:
The herbaceous perennial plant is easy to maintain in the garden. On very hot days, you should provide the plants with moderate water, otherwise they do not require additional treatment and do not need to be fertilized.

Tip 2 - cut back:
Only in late autumn should the perennials be cut back generously.

Tip 3 - liming and loosening the soil:
If you want to do something good for the plants, you can enrich your natural soil with lime in spring, provided that it is not a lime soil. You can also loosen the soil all around.

Tip 4 - propagate lantern flowers:
As a rule, lantern flowers grow to a height of 1 meter and continuously expand in width. Which means that they can easily be shared from time to time and easily replanted in another sunny to partially shaded location. Some lantern plants even thrive in total shade locations.

By the way: Of course, the robust lantern flowers can also be easily kept as container plants.


Chinese lantern plants are slightly poisonous, which is why children should not come into direct contact with them. In addition to tinkering with lampion plants, adults are supervised.


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