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Sowing a flower meadow - this is how it's done

Sowing a flower meadow - this is how it's done

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Water enough in the growth phase

What do you think about sowing a flower meadow consciously to give the garden a different face, perhaps one with a rustic charm?

Corn poppy, daisy or cornflower should not be missing
To create a flower meadow, simply prepare a bed, for example, that you have selected especially for it. Basically, it is advisable that you plan paths in the flower meadow. Not only does it look nice, you can also take better care of the flower meadow. The flower mixtures are available in hardware stores or from gardeners. These mixtures are already finished and have the most common seeds. Corn poppy, daisy or cornflower should not be missing. The soil is loosened and slightly raked. Then the flower meadow seeds are sprinkled on and lightly kicked. By the way, five to ten grams of seed per square meter are completely sufficient.

Over time, some varieties disappear
During the growth phase, you should always water enough. The song will then be held at the end of July and in autumn. Many of the flowers sow themselves again and again. So you should avoid mowing with the lawnmower. Over the years, weaker varieties gradually disappear, so the biodiversity decreases. But this is not a problem, because you can sow the flower meadow again at any time by buying in the varieties that are missing on your flower meadow and that you would like to have.


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