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Fighting lily chicken - how it works!

Fighting lily chicken - how it works!

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Lily chickens love onion plants

The lily chickens are small, red beetles. These chickens especially like onion plants. Read here how you can fight lily chickens.

Lily chickens love onion plants
Because lily chickens have a bright red color, they are easy to spot. You particularly enjoy staying on lilies and nibbling on the leaves there. If you find such beetles, then you should still do the test. Hold the beetle to your ear, don't let it crawl in, but listen to see if it chirps. If this is the case, then the alarm bells should ring, because then it is actually the voracious lily chicken.

Fighting lily chicken - how it works!
It's a good thing that these animals are so beautifully red that you can see them very well and just collect them. Unfortunately, collecting them is a bit difficult because the beetles often drop quickly. You should also pay attention to the larvae, which have the colors red and yellow and stick to the plants. However, these larvae are often well camouflaged. They should be removed with. To remove the larvae, you should spray the plant with a water jet. In the case of heavy infestation, a soft soap solution helps. Dusting with rock flour or algae lime should also help.


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