Medlar - broad crown, crooked trunk

Medlar - broad crown, crooked trunk

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The fruits taste sweet and sour

Many gardeners have apples and pears in their gardens. If you want to try something different instead of apples and pears, you should try the medlar.

Deciduous tree: the medlar
The medlar is a fruit tree that can grow up to five meters tall, loves a sunny spot and a well-drained soil. If you provide protection against frost in winter, your medlar will thrive a lot better. The medlar is a deciduous tree that has a wide crown and a crooked trunk. It is often the case that the trees are wider than they are tall.

Fruits taste sweet and sour
The medlar produces brown, intoxicated fruits that are approx. Four centimeters thick and up to six centimeters long. The fruits taste sweet and sour and have a very interesting structure. The bowl is open at the bottom and stands up in small tips. One could compare this appearance with roasted chestnuts, the peel of which bursts open at one point. Visually, the medlar is an interesting fruit, which is certainly an eye-catcher in your garden. The trees take up to four years to bear the first fruits.