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Cut evergreen plants - that's how it's done

Cut evergreen plants - that's how it's done

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Give your plants a shape

You can also let evergreen plants in the garden grow wild, but that doesn't always look nice. Therefore, you should cut evergreen plants regularly.

Giving the plants a shape is very easy
Not because the plants need it, you should cut them back, but to give them a nice look. If you are very clever, you can even give the plants a shape. If you cut, you do it correctly. This includes the right cutting tool.

Use the right tool
If the leaves are small, such as boxwood, tree of life or yew, you can use a hedge trimmer with long blades to get the plants back into shape. If, however, it is large-leaved bushes like the laurel, you should use secateurs. Here you should not damage the leaves as much as possible, otherwise they can die and look unattractive.

Have a gardener prune the plants
If you are not so good at shape cutting, you should get a gardener in the garden. This will of course cost a little more, but then you will have wonderful shapes that you will be envied by the neighbors and the visitor.


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