Plants for sun beds - 6 plants

Plants for sun beds - 6 plants

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If you are looking for plants for sun beds, then you should take a look at our 6 suggestions. There is definitely something for every taste.

Every plant needs the sun - some more, some less. But which plants are best suited for sun beds?

Flowers for sunny locations
It is not uncommon for gardeners to have problems finding pretty and, above all, easy-care plants for beds that are exposed to the sun all day. If you don't work in the garden every day and can take care of it, then you need robust and hardy flowers. If these are to look gorgeous and bloom profusely, the whole thing is already limited. We have dug out a few flowers for you, love the sun and provide wonderful flowers all summer long:

  1. Garden marshmallow: From June you can flirt with the pink-purple garden marshmallow.
  2. Farmer's hydrangea: From June, the farmer's hydrangea will also bloom beautifully in blue and white.
  3. Finger shrub: The finger shrub enchants with its white-pink flowers from June.
  4. Summer lilac: From July you can enjoy the summer lilac in the colors white, pink and purple.
  5. Busmalve: You can also admire the pink and white flowers of the Busmalve from July.
  6. Splendid spars: You can also enjoy the splendid spars, which are also pink and white, from July.

All of the above plants will be in bloom until at least September, if you cut off the faded buds immediately. The bus mallow lasts the longest and can bloom into November.