Plants for dark corners - 4 beautiful plants

Plants for dark corners - 4 beautiful plants

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The ivy mute has nothing to do with the ivy

Plants need light - some more, some less. But there are also plants that are suitable for dark corners.

Beautify corners in the room
As in the garden, there are of course plants for the apartment that don't mind if they are a little darker. Because the dark corners of the apartment could often use a little green. But you should also choose the right plants for this, otherwise you will not enjoy it. We have dug out four beautiful houseplants for you, which will also thrive in your home, in the dark corners of your home.

Plants for dark corners - 4 beautiful plants

  1. Ivy: This plant has nothing to do with ivy, except for the fact that it also grows. The leaves have a wonderful leaf pattern, but the less pronounced the darker it is.
  2. Cobbler Palm: This plant is completely undemanding and insensitive. You don't mind even prolonged drought or drafts. A perfect plant for people who don't have a green thumb.
  3. Kentia Palm and Holly: These plants don't like the sun at all. A dark place is almost ideal here.
  4. Shield fern: It needs water every day, ideally spray directly on the leaves. Otherwise, he also likes dark places very much.

Well, is there a plant that you can imagine in your apartment?