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Is poppy allowed in the garden?

Is poppy allowed in the garden?

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Opium poppy contains opiates

Poppy is a beautiful plant that comes in different designs and colors. But is poppy allowed in the garden at all?

Opium poppy contains opiates
Now you may be wondering what this question is about. But the answer is very simple. Even if the poppy is a beautiful plant, some poppies also have intoxicating ingredients called opiates. While gold poppies, which bloom in the most beautiful shades of orange, and Turkish poppies, which impress with their deep red, can be easily planted, the situation is somewhat different for opium poppies. Because this has just said opiates. Therefore, it must not be planted in the garden without permission. If you do, there can be severe penalties.

Cultivation is prohibited in Germany
The cultivation of opium poppy, even if it is only a single plant, falls under the Narcotics Act and is not only subject to approval, but also subject to payment. A permit is only issued by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Bonn. This must be done before an opium poppy is grown or planted. The address: Bundesopiumstelle, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 38, 53113 Bonn. Further information can of course also be found on the Internet at

Cultivation allowed in Austria
In contrast to Germany, planting opium poppies is permitted in Austria. It is even a long tradition. On the other hand, anyone who simply grows opium poppies in Germany and thus violates the Narcotics Act must expect up to five years in prison or a heavy fine.