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Caring for strawberries - this is how it's done

Caring for strawberries - this is how it's done

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Strawberries are very easy to care for

They can be found in almost every garden. We all like strawberries. If you take good care of your strawberries, you can even prefer the harvest.

Strawberries are easy to care for
Most of the time, we can hardly wait until the fruits dangle from the bushes and you can snack on strawberries to your heart's content. Strawberries are not only one of the first fruits to ripen in the garden, they are also very easy to care for. Nevertheless, there are a few things you should take care of. So it is important that you do not rake up the strawberry bed because the plants have very flat roots and could be damaged when raking. If the fruits are visible, you should put a little straw mulch under them so that they don't lie directly on the ground and can rot faster.

Prefer harvest
If you can't wait until the harvest, you can make provisions in February and move the harvest ahead. To do this, you should cover the plants with a fleece. However, make sure that you remove the fleece as soon as the first flowers can be seen, so that bees can also fertilize the flowers. When the strawberries are ripe, you should make sure that the leaf wreath on the strawberries is preserved when harvesting. If you wash the strawberries afterwards, no water can get into them.