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Wintering climbing plants - this is how it's done

Overwinter your jasmine properly

In summer, climbing plants cannot be big and bushy enough. So that they are still bushy in the next year, you have to properly overwinter your climbing plants.

Climbing plants are usually not hardy
Climbing plants are supposed to climb up on trellises or trellises and also mostly serve as a privacy screen. The bigger the better. However, you have a problem when it comes to plants that you have to bring indoors in winter because they are not hardy. The passion flower or jasmine are part of this. But there is also a solution for this.

Overwinter climbing plants
If the plants are vigorous, you can cut the shoots back a bit in autumn. But be careful: do not cut too much, because the plant could not tolerate this. Cut the shoot tips by 1/3 and unwind the rest of the climbing frames. Admittedly, this is somewhat difficult work, but it has to be. Otherwise, the plant could suffer from the harsh winter conditions. You can only make a more radical cut in spring. A tip to avoid unthreading: let the climbing plants grow on mobile trellises, which saves a lot of time and work.