Multiply begonias - cut off shoots from the mother flower

Multiply begonias - cut off shoots from the mother flower

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Begonia should be propagated using cuttings

Everyone has a favorite flower. If this is the begonia for you, we are now giving you a tip on how you can multiply your begonias.

Multiply begonias over cuttings
Begonias are propagated through cuttings. This means that you have to cut off about eight centimeters long shoots from the mother flower. Remove all other leaves except for the top two. You should cut them clean and never tear them out. Then fill a glass with water and cover it with cling film. Now insert several holes and insert the stems of the cuttings. The stem gets enough water, the leaves stay dry.

Plant offshoot
After a few days you can already see the first smaller roots. About four weeks later, the roots are so big that you can turn the offshoots into pots. Now you have to water the cuttings regularly. The begonias should get a bright place at a maximum of 15 degrees to get through the winter well. In addition, there should be good humidity in the room where the begonias are located. With the right care, you can then enjoy the new plants next year.

Multiply begonias by sowing
Of course, you can also multiply begonias by sowing. However, this method is not as promising as the propagation via cuttings. The problem with this is that only about half of the seeds you sprinkle will sprout.


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