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Store cabbage - 2 variants

Store cabbage - 2 variants

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Just hang up the cabbages

Many like to plant cabbage themselves. Most often white cabbage and red cabbage. In winter, you should take special care to store your cabbage properly.

Harvest cabbage
If you have white cabbage and red cabbage in the garden and want to store them at home during the winter, then you should follow a few rules. First of all, it is important that the cabbage stays outside in the bed for as long as possible. This can be done until the first frost. But then the cabbage should be harvested. To do this, pull the cabbages and the stalk out of the earth. You can leave the stalk on the cabbage. You only have to roughly remove the earth itself. You now have two options for storing the cabbages.

Store cabbage - 2 variants

  1. The best variant is this: just hang up the cabbages. All you have to do is bend the large sheets of paper upwards and tie them together with the stalk. This method optimally protects the cabbages from fungal diseases.
  2. As an alternative to this variant, you can also put the cabbages in airy wooden boxes and cover them with jute sacks. You should always check to see if the cabbages are rotten. It is very important for this storage variant that you leave the pages on the cabbage head. In this way, the young and tender leaves inside are optimally protected.