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Multiply fuchsias - how it works

Multiply fuchsias - how it works

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Fuchsias are very popular flowers. Even so popular that many cannot get enough of it. So here's how you can multiply fuchsias.

Fuchsias can be easily propagated

Fuchsias not only decorate the balcony or terrace, they are also increasingly used in the garden as a potted plant. The different types of fuchsia differ greatly in their appearance. There are both low-growing species and fuchsias that can grow to the size of trees. Unfortunately, many varieties are not hardy. That is why it is good to know how to multiply fuchsias and how many plants can be brought into the house for the winter season.

This is how fuchsias can be propagated

Option 1 - multiply fuchsias by cuttings:

The best time to grow cuttings is spring, when the plant will quickly take root. Proceed as follows:

❶ Before the plants sprout again, you should cut back the flower. You should leave up to four leaf buds, the rest can. Fresh shoots emerge in the following weeks. As soon as they have reached a length of 15 centimeters, you also have to shorten them again by half. So the flower will be more abundant later.

❷ You can then use the cut shoots to multiply the fuchsias. To do this, you need to shorten the shoots to about ten centimeters, remove the leaves except for two to four pieces at the top and then put them in a small pot with growing soil.

❸ Now you only have to put a small plastic hood over the shoots and pour them again and again at no more than 20 degrees and ventilate them daily. The shoots have rooted within four weeks and the new fuchsia grows up and will soon delight you with wonderful flowers.

❹ After the four weeks, you can repot the cuttings into plant pots. Use a separate pot for each cutting.

Option 2 - multiply fuchsia by lowering:

There is another way you can propagate fuchsias. One speaks of lowering. To win this, you should do the following:

❶ Bend a fuchsia shoot directly downwards from the mother plant. Make sure that the shoot does not break off.

❷ You must then fix the shoot on the ground. With a little luck, he will root.

❸ If the roots are large enough, you can cut off the shoot from the mother plant and put it in a pot.

Option 3 - propagate fuchsia via seeds:

❶ After flowering, a fuchsia produces seeds that contain individual seeds. You have to cut open these seeds to remove the seeds. Then let them dry a little.

❷ Now put the seeds in bowls with growing soil. Then cover with a little earth, dampen slightly and cover with a transparent film.

❸ As soon as the seeds have sprouted, you have to remove the foil for one hour each day for ventilation.

❹ If the plantlets have 2 pairs of leaves, you must transplant them into larger pots. Put transparent film over it again.

❺ After about 3 weeks it will be time to transplant the plantlets back into larger pots. In addition, they must now be kept warm. 20 degrees Celsius is optimal.