Watering citrus plants - 4 important tips

Watering citrus plants - 4 important tips

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No more rolled up leaves and dried fruit: with the right watering behavior, your citrus plants always stay fit and productive.

Citrus plants don't need a lot of water

In principle, citrus plants are also becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes. Most of these attractive plants are placed in a bucket on the balcony or in the garden during the warm season. In a Mediterranean garden, for example, they are an absolute must.

But citrus plants don't just look wonderful. The evergreen plants also enchant us with their wonderfully fragrant flowers and delicious-tasting, refreshing fruits. On top of that, citrus trees that stand on the balcony or terrace even keep mosquitoes away effectively. With a citrus plant you bring a real all-round talent into the garden - nice to look at, freshly scented and a perfect mosquito repellent.

The citrus plants include:

  • mandarins: Tangerine, Clementine, Satsuma
  • oranges: Orange (orange), bitter orange (bitter orange), bergamot
  • Grapefruits: Grapefruit, grapefruit, pomelo
  • lime: Real & Common Lime, Kaffir Lime, Rangpur Lime, Lemon, Lemon Lemon, Kumquats

There are different types of citrus, but they all have oval, dark green leaves with a shiny, leathery surface. Nevertheless, it is above all the brightly colored fruits that make these plants an eye-catcher.

How are citrus plants watered correctly?

Citrus plants are beautiful to look at, but if you put them in the garden, you should also know exactly how to water them properly. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that the leaves curl up and the fruits dry up. Accordingly, many plant lovers are very unsure of how to properly water their citrus plants (reading tip: fertilize citrus plants - you need a lot of iron and calcium).

In principle, you can easily answer this question yourself by looking at the natural habitat of the plants. They all thrive in southern climes where it doesn't rain regularly. So they don't have too much water. This makes all citrus plants very easy to care for. When pouring, just keep these tips in mind:

➤ Tip 1 - choose the right location:

When it comes to watering, the location of the plant is also important. Citrus plants need a bright location all year round because they thrive in their original habitat in the blazing sun. So during the summer weeks you can put the tub plants on a south-facing terrace.

In winter, however, the citrus plants should best get a place in the winter garden.

➤ Tip 2 - water once a week:

In spring and summer, watering once a week is sufficient in normal weather conditions. However, if it is very hot and dry in summer, you have to water your citrus plants twice a week. If, however, the citrus plants are in the winter quarters, you only need to water them every 14 days. A single watering a month is often sufficient.

It is important to note that citrus plants are watered little, but plenty. The entire soil should be wet.

➤ Tip 3 - use a moisture meter & avoid waterlogging:

Irrigation should always be moderate, and you should definitely avoid waterlogging. It is therefore ideal if you get a moisture meter (available here cheaply). So you are always on the safe side when watering the plants as soon as the display is in the lower green or even in the red area. Irrigation is not necessary beforehand. Without a moisture meter, you recognize an urgent need for water when the leaves start to curl up.

You can also avoid waterlogging by placing the planters on small feet. Air enters the vessel through the lower opening and excess water can flow away unhindered.

➤ Tip 4 - best pour with rainwater:

Irrigation with rainwater is ideal, because too much lime in tap water is not good for the plants. However, if the tap water is at most medium-hard, you can use it well for watering (reading tip: water outdoor plants with tap water - you should note this).


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