Autumn fruit trees

Autumn fruit trees

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Autumn apple varieties can be harvested in September

September and October are high season for some fruit trees. This is how the plums ripen (not to be confused with the plums, which are darker and ripen in summer) and whet the appetite for a juicy plum cake. But autumn apple varieties are now also ready for harvest. While plums are usually harvested in one, autumn apples are not all ripe at once and have to be harvested several times.

Harvest fruit trees
You should harvest your apple trees in dry weather, as apples are sensitive to pressure when wet and cannot be stored as long. Pears are also ready for harvest. Incidentally, it doesn't matter here if you still pick unripe pears. If you store them in the room, they still ripen.

Cultivate fruit trees
In addition to the whole picking, you should also look at the fruit tree itself. The fruit tree can get numerous wounds during the season - wind and weather are responsible for this. Shoots that are damaged should then simply be cut back. If the wounds are larger, treat them with wax or a wound protection product so that diseases and infections have no chance.