Heather bushes must be pruned

Heather bushes must be pruned

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Heather is often called Erika

You can find heath bushes in every garden, also called Erika. There is often a colorful mix of summer and winter heather. The summer heather blooms from August until well into October. The winter heath delights the hobby gardener from December to March. Then, of course, very little blooms in the garden, but the heather is very reliable. But only if you give her a cut from time to time. Because only in this way will it bloom continuously.

Erika richitg truncate
If you don't prune Erika, you will quickly notice that it is wooded from below and will eventually no longer bloom. Here it behaves like lavender. And also how the lavender is cut, the heather must be trimmed. That means: Never cut into the wood, otherwise it will not grow back from below. Summer erica should be cut annually in spring, winter erica in March, immediately after flowering. It is sufficient here to use scissors every few years.


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