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Garden maintenance in September

Garden maintenance in September

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The gardening season is slowly coming to an end, but the work is far from over. September has another full one To do list to offer.

  1. If you want to sow flowers and summer perennials yourself, collect the seeds now. Dry them and put them in spring where they are supposed to grow from summer.
  2. If your evergreen trees have grown too big for the pot, now is the best time to repot them. You should water vigorous evergreen plants outdoors so that you can get enough water for the winter.
  3. If you want peonies in the garden, now is the best time to plant them. The spring onions are now also coming into the earth.
  4. Perennials that have become too big and have already faded can be divided.
  5. September is the best time to sow a new lawn.
  6. Since the first leaves are already falling, you should provide your garden pond with a leaf net or leaf grille so that the leaves do not fall into the water.

Otherwise, don't forget to enjoy the garden again in nice and warm autumn weather.


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