Check plants regularly

Check plants regularly

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Aphids can do great harm

If you always want to have healthy plants, you have to take care of them. Above all, this means control. This means that you should look around the garden regularly and look at the plants. So you see damage very quickly and can intervene quickly to prevent or minimize damage.

Detect damage
Aphids alone can do a lot of damage. Check regularly, then you can often nip this danger in the bud. You should also identify other dangers from frost or fungal attack at an early stage and separate the damaged branches and shoots from the plants as quickly as possible. If the infestation is caused by fungi, you should not dispose of it in the compost, as this will spread the spores. The bio bin is the best solution here.

Wound closure for plants
If branches have to be cut off, larger wounds often remain, which in turn represent a danger, especially for plants that are already susceptible anyway. You should simply treat these with wound closure agents.