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Top 10 undemanding perennials

Top 10 undemanding perennials

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Purple bells are among the most popular perennials

Perennials must be in every garden. They are hardy and delight the garden owner every year with great and lush flowers. There are perennials that need to be meticulously cared for, others are quite undemanding, bloom almost everywhere, hardly need any fertilizer and are happy about occasional watering. These survivors of course make gardening very pleasant. And here are our top 10 undemanding perennials:

  1. Aster, blooms in September, grows up to 60 cm high
  2. Purple bell, blooms in May in a wonderful red, 30 cm tall
  3. Day lily, up to 50 cm high and in different colors
  4. Mountain mint, bloom in midsummer in pink, 40 cm
  5. Coneflower, blooms in a variety of colors from July to September
  6. Cranesbill, flowering period June to July, evergreen and great as ground cover
  7. Sage smells wonderful and blooms from May
  8. Chamois, 40 cm high, blooms yellow from April to June
  9. Phlox, blooms from July to September in different shades of red
  10. Jakobsleiter, shows his blue dress in July and grows up to 60 cm tall