The three most common diseases in roses

The three most common diseases in roses

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Star soot is one of the most common rose diseases

Roses are beautiful and an ornament in every garden. But roses need a lot of care and are susceptible to diseases. Here is a small list of the am common occurring Diseases in roses:

  1. Powdery mildew: The coating is white and mainly affects shoot tips and young leaves.
  2. Rose rust: Yellow, subsequently brown to black spots on the top of the leaf, small dark red to black spots on the underside of the leaf, this is how the rose rust is expressed.
  3. blackspot: Black, large-scale spots mainly affect older leaves.

Plant protection products naturally help against all these diseases. But you can do something about it in advance. A well-ventilated location is particularly important. That means you should always cut the rose back well. That alone minimizes the risk of the disease many times over.

Then, of course, regular fertilization is just as important as watering, which should never be done from above. The more leaves you wet, the more fragile the rose becomes.