Mulching strawberries - 4 tips

Mulching strawberries - 4 tips

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Do not mulch strawberries during flowering

The strawberries are and remain tasty fruits in the garden. They are loved by everyone, are easy to care for and taste just as delicious from the bush as on a cake or as a fruit salad. Easy care doesn't mean that you don't have to worry about your strawberries. A little something has to be done so that the fruits become large and strong and the plants are not affected by mold. Mulching is the order of the day for strawberries.

Tip 1 - Do not mulch during the flowering phase
You should wait for the right time. It would be wrong to mulch the strawberries when they bloom. Mulching should be avoided during the flowering phase.

Tip 2 - mulching with wood wool or straw
Only when you see the first fruit sets can the mulching start. Then wood wool or straw are spread on the floor.

Tip 3 - Do not use hay or grass for mulching
Many try hay or cut grass. However, this is not suitable, as this can cause the plants or the fruits to become moldy.

Tip 4 - Mulch with nettles before flowering
Nettle leaves, which are particularly nutritious, are also ideal for mulching before flowering.