Acerola Cherries - The slightly different cherry

Acerola Cherries - The slightly different cherry

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Acerola cherries

A cherry tree in the garden is a delicious affair. Not the apple, pear or plum trees are the most popular trees in German gardens, but the cherry trees.

When the cherry blossoms plunge the garden into a sea of ​​white or pink flowers in May and you can harvest the first fruits from the end of June, then you look forward to cherry cake & Co. But of course also just to snack on the cherries. The cherry harvest is always a great experience, especially for children.

The acerola cherry - something special
If you want to distance yourself from the ordinary cherries and want to buy something special instead, the Acerola cherry is recommended. This tree, which is actually not a tree at all, but rather passes through as a bush, reaches a height of just two meters and can be easily found in the conservatory.

More vitamin C than lemons
The really special thing about the acerola cherry is the extremely high vitamin C content. Because this is up to 40 times higher than that of lemons. These cherries are ideal for baking cakes and making jams. You can also eat them from the tree, but they are a little sour and not everyone's taste.