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Peaches in the garden - there is something to consider

Peaches in the garden - there is something to consider

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Everyone has an apple tree in the garden. Not a peach tree. So just give it a try. You only have to consider a few things when planting and maintaining.

Peaches bring exotic into the garden

More and more garden owners are moving away from growing conventional fruit trees such as apple, pear, cherry or plum. Would you prefer to have more exotic trees in the garden? Peaches are becoming increasingly popular and are found more and more in gardens. No wonder, because the fruit tastes really delicious. Whether raw, canned, processed into peach sorbet or grilled - peaches taste great. In addition, the peach tree is decorative. So give it a try and grow a peach tree yourself.

Location and soil conditions

Because of their original origin (China), peaches love a sunny and warm location. Optimal is a full sun place, which is best protected from the wind. So next to a hedge or a house wall would be perfect. When choosing your location, however, note that the tree can spread out.

As for the floor, a loose and therefore water-permeable floor is perfect. It should also have a neutral pH and be nutritious. It is therefore best to mix some compost underground.

How to plant a peach tree properly

❍ the right time:

Peach trees are generally always planted in late spring, namely when there is no longer a drop in temperature.

❍ Preparation:

Before you plant the peach tree, however, you must first cut the damaged roots smooth. Then you should water the root ball properly. It is best to simply place the root ball in a bucket filled with water for a while.

❍ How to plant the tree:

Dig a planting hole that is at least twice as deep as the root ball. The roots should fit exactly into the planting hole. Then fill everything up with earth, step on it and water it well.

How to properly care for the peach tree

Peach trees need special care and often special conditions to thrive at all. Logically, they originally come from China and the Mediterranean. Both regions have slightly different climatic conditions than we can find.

❍ casting:

In the first year you have to provide the young peach tree with a little water every now and then. The tree needs this to grow. But don't overdo it.

After the first year you can stop watering, because now the sapling will take care of itself. You should only use the watering can if it is very hot and dry for a while. It is best to water with rainwater.

❍ Fertilize:

The peach tree does not need any fertilizer in the first year, since you have enriched the soil with some compost. Correct fertilizer application is only important from the second year. Start fertilizing from March. Then supply the peach tree with organic fertilizer such as horn shavings, ripe compost or manure once a month. From September you can then stop fertilizing.

❍ cut:

From the second year onwards you should use the secateurs and cut the peach tree for the first time. It is best to do this directly after the harvest. Cut off all branches that have carried peaches to 10 centimeters.

❍ Wintering:

In winter, you need to protect the peaches from frost. To do this, spread straw or bark mulch around the sapling. You must wrap the crown and trunk with a garden fleece. Peach trees that you have planted in the bucket should be brought into the house in winter and hibernated bright and frost-free.