Weeding regularly for healthy plants

Weeding regularly for healthy plants

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Remove the weeds regularly

If you want to have healthy and beautiful looking plants, you should remember regularly weed to weed, This not only has something to do with the visually beautiful view of a well-cared-for bed, but also with the fact that flowers and the like do not die because they are displaced by weeds.

Because weeds can literally contest the habitat of other plants. Not only above ground, but also in the ground due to the spread of roots and runners. That is why regular weeding is a must for anyone who wants to have healthy plants.

I personally prefer to use the Wolf-Garten weed kuli:

Dig out the root weed completely
Please note the following: Seed weeds, such as reports, are very easy to tear out. Root weeds, such as dandelions, have very deep tap roots that have to be completely excavated. Cutting through the root here is not enough. For such deep-rooted wild herbs I use an asparagus stick:

A layer of bark mulch or wood chips also prevents and reduces weed growth.

Lay weed fleece
If you don't want to bend down in the future, you can lay out weed fleece. This prevents the weeds from growing upwards. The plants still get enough water, oxygen and nutrients. Here you should make sure that the fleece is not made of plastic but of fabric. More on this in my article laying garden fleece

There are more tips in this video:


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