Useful accessories for the garden pond

Useful accessories for the garden pond

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Useful accessories are needed to keep the garden pond so beautiful

The garden pond is at the top of the wish list of many gardeners. But just dig a hole in the ground and pour water - it's not that easy. We don't want to give instructions on how to create a pond here, because there are many different options.

Depending on the size and scope, it can sometimes cost more, sometimes less. There are also prefabricated pools.

Accessories to keep the water clean
However, as a pond owner you also need a few accessories to keep the water clean, for example. This is not only good for the optics, but is also important for the water quality, especially if there are fish and plants in the pond.

Pumps, filters and skimmers
In addition to pumps and filters, a skimmer should therefore also be used. This is a vacuum cleaner that sucks in dirt such as pollen or leaves and makes it disappear from the water surface. The device is usually attached in the middle of the pond and is quite inconspicuous there. In any case, it does a good job and can even ensure that the pond remains ice-free in winter.


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