Bedding plants

2 care tips for balcony plants

Remove the faded as soon as possible

Terraces, balconies and window sills are provided with flower boxes again and again and more often, in order to plant great plants in them and not only to enjoy wonderful flowers in the garden. But the most beautiful balcony plants become unsightly if you don't take care of them.

Therefore, you should take the following two tips to heart, then you will enjoy the balcony flowers for a long time.

Tip 1
Faded should be cut off as soon as possible. It is ideal if you check daily and remove broken flowers. This promotes the formation of new flowers, because once the plant begins to produce seeds, it needs all of the power and neglects the flowers.

Tip 2
Flowers not only bloom, they also grow. This means that they have to be put in their place in confined spaces. Especially when they contest the habitat of other flowers. Often only a radical cutback helps here.

Two simple tips for lavishly blooming window boxes - all summer long.