Plant chives between flowers

Plant chives between flowers

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Chives are ideal as a gap filler

When it comes to chives, everyone first thinks of the kitchen, that you can season food with chives. You can also eat it raw, put it in salads or sprinkle it on bread and butter, and plant chives between flowers.

Chives as a gap filler
Chives just taste delicious. But chives are not only popular as a plant in the herb garden, they are also perfect as an undemanding gap filler.

Flowers also edible
And chives also bring great flowers. White, purple or sometimes pink, whether bushy or as a delicate flower - it just looks great! And in between you can eat it. Incidentally, the flowers, too, have an intense leek taste.

Wild garlic as a supplement to chives
Alternatives to chives - or better, great additions, are the wild garlic, which can also be plucked again and again, but which blooms white in spring, or the edge garlic. It always gets fresh leaves even in the hottest summer. Try something new and plant chives between the flowers - you will like it!