No clear glass in greenhouses

No clear glass in greenhouses

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Conservatories are often made of clear glass. Logical, you want to be able to look outside. However clear glass again and again in greenhouses offered and there it is more than unfavorable.

Too much sun damages the plants
There is a reason why the glass here is usually milky, so opaque. The sun can shine through clear glass and can burn delicate flowers. The so-called double-wall sheets, which are often used, scatter the sunlight. This means that the sun's rays are no longer concentrated and can no longer harm the plants, but are evenly distributed.

Provide shade for clear glass
Therefore, the top premise should be that you provide shade when using clear glass. Blinds are then absolutely necessary. You should also pay attention to this when you are building a terrace covering. Also avoid clear glass here! Not only could this cause problems with the plants, but you also spend a lot more money because you have to provide shade - even if it actually looks better with transparent glass.