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Plant plants in the pond in the ground or plant the basket?

Plant plants in the pond in the ground or plant the basket?

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Hobby gardeners often ask themselves if they are Plants in the pond directly into the earth or one Plant a basket should. The distinction is made here that planting in the ground is recommended for very shallow water.

Here, the large area of ​​the substrate ensures that the film is protected from the sun's rays in the zone where the water level fluctuates. The nursing measures can also be carried out directly from the shore.

Deep water - plants in the basket
The deeper water, in turn, makes planting in baskets more sensible, because there is less intensive spreading in them and the plants can thus be better kept in check. Highly overgrown plants, for example the water knotweed, the teapot and the floating pondweed, can be protected from massive overgrowth.

Mesh baskets are the better alternative
If plants have to be moved for the winter or even removed completely from the water, they should be kept in wire baskets for practical reasons. However, placing potted plants is much more individual. Placed on a few stones, the water depth in which the plant is used can be decided individually. Mesh baskets are always the better alternative for potted plants, because completely closed pots prevent the plants from being optimally supplied with nutrients in the pond.