Processing fruits of the ornamental apple tree - 2 tips

Processing fruits of the ornamental apple tree - 2 tips

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Of the Ornamental tree brings small and usable fruit that can be used in different ways. We have put together here what possibilities you have to process the fruits of the ornamental apple tree.

  1. To jelly The apples are covered with water, boiled softly and then pressed through. The juice weighed the following day is boiled down with double the amount of sugar for one hour. If the cooking time is long, the resulting jelly will have a nice red color. If the cooking time is set to less than an hour, the jelly will remain yellow in color.
  2. Also as fruits to fry the ornamental apples can be processed. A kilo of apples and stems are cooked with half a liter of wine vinegar, 8 g of cinnamon, 4 g of white pepper, half a kilogram of sugar and 4 g of cloves. The fruits are removed and the broth is slightly thickened by cooking. If this brew is boiled up thoroughly after it has cooled down, the shelf life of this side dish for roasting increases significantly.

By the way, both the fruits of the crab apple and the blood plum are edible, although they are much smaller than the usual fruits from the fruit shelf.


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