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Plant imperial crowns in late summer

Plant imperial crowns in late summer

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The imperial crowns should be planted in late summer, making sure that the soil is low in humus. The onions are placed about 20 centimeters deep in the ground.

In late summer the time is right to cut the onions Crown Imperials to plants, They have enough time until spring and can root themselves and sprout.

• Imperial crowns are available in different colors. They usually bloom at the beginning of spring and spread a strong fragrance.

• The large bulbs must be planted about 20 centimeters deep in the ground.

• The soil should be poor in humus. To make sure that the onions don't start to rot in the summer soil, you should put a small layer of sand under the onions.

• It is also important that the bulbs are placed the right way round in the soil, otherwise no flowers can grow in spring. Sometimes you can hardly distinguish the pages and you have to look more closely.

• The top of the onion is slightly dented. So that no water collects here, you should put the onion at a slight angle into the ground.

Once planted, the imperial crowns come back every year and can make the garden bloom in spring.