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Aft loop supports plants perfectly

Aft loop supports plants perfectly

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A rope can also support plants

There are plants that need support. These include young trees in particular, but also shrubs and shrubs that are prone to topple over, for example due to heavy flowers or fruits. Around plants to support you take one eight loop.

In general, a stick or wooden post is used for support, which is inserted into the ground and to which the plant is tied. If the plant grows in front of a fence, the fence is also good for it. However, you should make sure that you use the right technique for tying, otherwise the stability will suffer and the plant may be damaged because the fastening material rubs on the stem or stem. Injuries are often the case here. To avoid this, you should use the figure-of-eight loop. It is very easy to implement:

  1. Take the appropriate binding material and place it around the stem or stem of the plant.
  2. Then cross it over and tie it around the support.
  3. Tied the knot and wrapped the crossed part several times with the ends.
  4. Then tie a knot.

So the plant is not injured, has the ideal hold and also enough scope.