What to do when blackbirds chop crocus flowers?

What to do when blackbirds chop crocus flowers?

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Blackbirds like to chop crocus flowers

Blackbirds have a strange occupation when the crocuses bloom. It is not uncommon to see them blackbirds the Krokusblüten really chop up, A reason for this behavior is sought in the assumption that the blackbirds want to feed their offspring, which has just hatched, with the colored juice, which is the signpost to the nectar.

To achieve this, they want to feed the calyxes to their offspring.

Solution 1: tinfoil paper
If you want to protect your crocuses from the songbird attacks, you can try to get rid of the pests with tinfoil. The tapes that flutter in the wind keep many birds away - not just the destructive blackbird.

Solution 2: mason jars
An alternative is to put very large mason jars over the clumps and then give them both sufficient sunlight and protection from the destructive blackbirds.

Each hobby gardener decides individually whether these solutions are optically acceptable. Switching to another variety of crocuses can also make sense, although all solutions have in common that they do not guarantee success against the destruction of blackbirds.