Working the soil without back pain

Working the soil without back pain

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It is enough if you air the earth

Many a garden friend thinks of that with shivers dig over his garden in autumn or spring. The result is back pain and calluses on the hands. But that need not be. You can do that Work the soil without it back pain to get.

With the right garden tool and a little skill, the following rule can be observed:

Do not dig up, just ventilate the earth. To do this, you take a so-called digging fork and only lift the earth and move the handle slightly back and forth. This loosens the soil and you can also bring organic material such as compost or plant mulch into the soil.

These microorganisms create a humus-rich soil over time, which is the best basis for planting crops. The more often this soil cultivation is carried out, the more finely crumbled and healthier the soil will be and the faster the plants will grow. This is how you should proceed when processing the beds.

In summer, you can use the so-called combi-crusher to work the soil from time to time so that oxygen can get into the resulting crumbs. Because without oxygen, the plants wither and hardly bear any fruit.