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Make the garden pond childproof

Make the garden pond childproof

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A garden pond is a nice thing, but dangerous for children. Here you have to retrofit or think about the safety of the little ones when planning the pond.

Pond guards protect e.g. before drowning

Again and again the same spectacle is offered: you switch on the television or open the newspaper and you are confronted with the terrible news - child drowned in the garden pond! How bad that has to be for family members is hard to imagine. All of these tragic accidents could have been avoided. After all, there are enough ways to make a garden pond childproof. This does not only include the parents' watchful eyes. There are many more ways that can save your child's life.

These security measures save lives

Option 1 - plan the pond correctly:

If you want to create your garden pond first, think about the safety of your children when planning. It is best to always sit on a pond with a gently sloping bank. If your child falls into it, it does not immediately sink into the depth, but can then still stand up and possibly save itself. The edge should also be made of natural stones. In contrast to wood and paving stones, they are not so slippery when wet. You can find more tips on pond planning here.

Possibility 2 - fence the property:

In principle, one thing should not be missing: a garden fence. After all, you are also liable if you have no children of your own. Namely, when other children can enter the garden. A simple garden gate that is not locked is not insurmountable for children. Therefore, you should ensure that your property is fenced sufficiently high and also choose a garden door that children cannot overcome. In addition, this must always be closed.

Option 3 - fence in the garden pond:

You can also fence the garden pond itself. This is particularly recommended if you have small children yourself. After all, they also want to play in the garden. And as curious as the little ones are, of course they also want to explore the garden pond. So that you don't always have to be afraid for your children and that you can let them out of your sight for a minute, it is best to fence in the garden pond. It certainly doesn't look that nice, but this is ultimately about the safety of your children.

You don't even have to do a lot of work. A fence made of metal, plastic or wood is sufficient. He doesn't even need a foundation. However, it should be at least one meter high so that children cannot climb over it. If you don't find the fence particularly beautiful, then simply green it with climbing plants or ornamental grasses.

Option 4 - use pond grid / net:

There are also special pond grids on the market that can be attached directly below the water surface. If a child were to fall into the pond, it would not go down and the danger was averted. You can get information about this and how it looks, e.g. at Alternatively, you can also use structural steel grids.

There are also so-called personal protection nets for the pond on the market. These pond cover nets are stable enough to catch adult people. It can spend many years above the pond without being rotted by UV rays or water. You can find out more about these networks at

Option 5 - use a warning device:

If you only have small children from time to time, you don't usually want to make a big effort, after all, the children are not there every day. For all those it is recommended to use a warning device. It is a two-part alarm system that consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter floats on the surface of the water while the receiver is nearby. If the transmitter detects movement on the water surface, a signal is sent to the receiver and the alarm is triggered. A warning device is available e.g. here.