Privacy screen in the garden - there are options

Privacy screen in the garden - there are options

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There is also a kind of screen as a mobile screen

natural Privacy screen in the garden is still the best. There are two options: either the fast-growing, which usually comes from plants that are only one year old, or the slower-growing, which is permanent, but also takes several years to become dense.

Screen as a screen
Then of course there is also the mobile privacy screen, which can be set up in a kind of screen and positioned as desired. However, if you are sure where the privacy screen should go and it stays there permanently, you can indulge in another nice option: the wicker fence.

The wicker fence as a privacy screen
This requires a little sensitivity and a few hours of precious free time, but the end result is impressive. You can certainly buy a wicker fence like this, but homemade is always better and you are more flexible because you can determine the size yourself.

All you need is a few willow branches that you can buy and you can start weaving. If you don't like braiding so much, you can tie the whole thing together with bast. Looks very natural and is a real eye-catcher in every garden.


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