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Tips for fighting Giersch

Tips for fighting Giersch

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Giersch is the most unpopular weed par excellence

Giersch is a well-known weed in the garden, which seems very stubborn and is not easy to control. The problem is that the plant can also spread well through the underground roots. But here are some tips for the BFighting Giersch.

When fighting, you have to be very consistent. As soon as the first delicate leaves appear, you should remove them immediately.

Tip 1: loosen the soil
In addition, the plant becomes very weak when the soil is loosened by a hoe several times a year. Combating can be very lengthy and can take several years.

Tip 2: dig up the ground
Another possibility is that you simply dig up a light and humus-rich soil and remove the roots bit by bit.

Tip 3: Use cardboard and bark mulch
You can also tackle Giersch just as well if you cover the affected areas with thick cardboard and then put bark mulch on them. After two years at the latest, the cardboard has rotten and the underground roots have died off because they could not sprout.

In the worst case, you can only use the weed killer, because this is the only way to combat the problematic and fast-growing plants effectively and in a short time. Since the seeds are germinable for a long time, you should always keep an eye on the bed to remove the small plants immediately.


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