Planting shrubs made easy

Planting shrubs made easy

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Shrubs are planted in autumn

When planting shrubs you should pay attention to a few things if they are to grow well in your garden. Autumn is the best time to plant shrubs so that the shrubs can develop their roots and grow before the winter break.

Select location and dig out planting hole

But there are other factors, such as the location or the planting hole, which must be taken into account. The location depends on the shrub itself. Then dig a hole that is large enough to be at least twice the size of the root ball. This is the only way the roots can spread well.

Loosen the soil

The bottom of the hole must be loosened well and if the soil is very loamy, you can add a little gravel. This is the only way the roots can spread accordingly. In addition, the gravel ensures good permeability and the shrub is so well supplied with water.

Cut off long roots

Then you remove the shrub from the pot and possibly cut off roots that are too long. However, the fine root network should come into the soil without damage. The roots must not be kinked when inserted into the planting hole. Then straighten the shrub and you can insert a stick to stabilize it. If the shrub is moved too violently by the wind, the roots can also be damaged, so it must be stabilized.


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