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Is there a remedy for bark beetles?

Is there a remedy for bark beetles?

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The bark beetle attacks conifers

To anticipate the question from the heading: No, one Anti-bark beetle there is not any. At least not for the hobby gardener. Since a bark beetle mostly occurs in forests, it is largely controlled with insecticides. However, such funds are not intended for private use.

Bark beetle infestation on conifers

The problem with bark beetles is that they are usually only discovered when it is too late. It affects conifers. You can see that from the fact that the branches are getting thinner from the inside and the needles are slowly browning.

If you discover that, then there is nothing more you can do for the said tree than cut it down. And you should do this very quickly to protect the remaining trees in the area.

The bark beetle flies on after hatching - to the next tree. So: cut down the tree (don't forget your permit), burn the bark and wood. Alternatively, you can of course order the whole thing, which is also advisable from a certain tree size.