Root barrier for bamboo prevents usury

Root barrier for bamboo prevents usury

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Bamboo is a handsome plant, but it can challenge other plants' habitats. To prevent this from happening, it makes sense to install a root barrier in the ground.

Bamboo grows underground due to root formation

Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes and is often planted in many gardens. Especially because it becomes very high and very dense, it is ideally suited as a privacy screen. But bamboo can also be a problem. Namely, when it grows too large and presses other plants. This does not mean the plant itself, but its roots. These can appear several meters away from the mother plant. In addition, they stop at nothing. Neither in front of stone slabs, pond liner, drainage or neighboring property. So you should take necessary measures while planting.

How can you keep bamboo in check?

In order to keep the root runners in the fence right from the start, you should install a root barrier in the ground when planting. This can e.g. consist of concrete or stones. You can also use a root barrier from the garden center. It is placed as a ring about 70 centimeters deep around the plant and limits the underground growth of the bamboo. This prevents the roots from spreading.

Such a root barrier consists of high-pressure polyethylene, which cannot be pierced by the roots of the plant. A root barrier is available e.g. at Amazon.

How to install the root barrier

❶ Lift the planting hole for the bamboo about 60 centimeters deep.

❷ Now take the root lock and connect the two ends of the root lock with the aluminum rail supplied.

❸ Put the lock in the ground. It should now protrude about 10 centimeters. This is a good thing, because roots cannot spread above ground.

❹ Now fill in soil around the root barrier so that it sits firmly in the ground. Then plant the bamboo in the middle of the root barrier.

Separate roots with a spade

If you have already set up the bamboo in the garden and have not built a barrier, you can also help yourself with a spade. To do this, cut out the size you want around the plant and cut as deep as possible. This cuts through the roots. That is enough to keep the bamboo in check. However, you have to repeat this procedure several times a year.

Root lock can also be retrofitted

You can also add a root barrier later. First cut the root, then dig a trench around the plant and insert the root barrier. Then fill everything back up with earth and the problem should be solved.

Once the root barrier has been planted in, you can plant plants around the bamboo without having to fear that the bamboo will contest their habitat. You can find out which plants are compatible with bamboo in our article. Which plants are suitable for bamboo?

Video instructions for installing a root barrier