Harvest herbs correctly

Harvest herbs correctly

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It is best to harvest herbs immediately before flowering

Can you at Harvest herbs do something wrong? Well, maybe not wrong, but there are some tips on how to get more out of the herbs.

In principle, herbs can be harvested all year round.

Harvest herbs before flowering

But the herbs are particularly tasty when harvested right before flowering. The leaves are also particularly soft, because after flowering they become harder.

Cut off old shoots

Old shoots should be cut close to the ground. This will delay the next bloom because the plant has to form new shoots again.

Edible flowers

The flowers themselves can also be eaten with most herbs. Try it. The flowers often have a sweet aroma, which is a completely different taste experience.

As already said, herbs can be harvested all year round, but it is ideal to harvest in bad weather. If there is a long period of good weather, then you should do without it and wait a little longer, because during this time the herbs grow faster, which makes the aroma even more intense.


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