Beetroot chips: delicious recipe for snack fans

Beetroot chips: delicious recipe for snack fans

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Chips in the bag are crispy and delicious - but unfortunately they are also true calorie bombs. Beetroot chips are much healthier, and you can easily make them yourself.

Delicious and quick to prepare: beetroot chips

Chips are among the most popular nibbles in Germany. Unfortunately, the potato chips in the bag also have a very high fat and calorie content. So if you have an appetite for the delicious nibble, you shouldn't eat so much, otherwise the scales can quickly show a few grams more.

If you do not consume so many calories, but still do not want to do without snacking, we recommend using beetroot chips. They are "burdened" with significantly less fat and calories and still very tasty. The good thing: you can prepare the chips yourself in no time at all.

You need:

➤ About 120 grams (net) of fresh beetroot
➤ Sea salt or common household salt as required


First of all, you have to put on gloves, because the vegetables rub off very strongly. Then peel the beetroot and then chop finely. Then spread baking paper on a baking sheet and spread the beetroot slices on top. The slices must not overlap. Then sprinkle the slices with a little salt.

Now preheat the oven to 90 degrees and place the baking tray in the middle. With a wooden spoon in the door of the oven, the chips have to dry for about 90 minutes. After that they are done. Just let it cool down and you can try your delicious, homemade beetroot chips.