Interesting facts about tomato varieties

Interesting facts about tomato varieties

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Tomatoes should not be missing in a good vegetable garden. There are many different types of tomatoes and each one has its own special requirements to watch out for.

Provide light and warmth
Tomatoes need a lot of light and warmth. You should therefore have a sunny location. There are many different varieties in which the requirements can vary slightly.

bush tomatoes
Bush tomatoes grow very low, so they are well suited for free land, but also for the pot.

Staff tomato
The stick tomato needs a climbing aid and can have different shapes.

Heirloom tomato
You can get very large fruits from the meat tomato.

cherry tomatoes
With fruit tomatoes you have very small and sweet fruits. They are also called cherry or cocktail tomatoes. Your ideal location is usually in a greenhouse.

Care tips
Very few tomato plants can tolerate too much water. If the tomatoes are outdoors, you can protect them accordingly. Use perforated film tubes and put them over the plants. This gives you a similar effect to that of a greenhouse.

They should beware of pests such as beetles and insects. These sit on the underside of the leaves and suck them out. As a rule, it is aphids.
When planted outdoors, late blight can occur. However, this only arises when the tomato plants have been wet for a long time or there have been large downpours.