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Video: Strawberry Tiramisu - summer dessert

Video: Strawberry Tiramisu - summer dessert

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It's strawberry season. Jam is cooked and countless strawberry tarts and cakes are baked. So what to do with the rich harvest? I wanted to get a little inspiration and came across this delicious strawberry tiramisu. I just can't keep that to myself.

The dessert is incredibly tasty and, despite the slightly higher calories, is not at all difficult in the stomach. It can also be prepared very quickly. So you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen while the sun is shining outside.

A fresh dessert with an increased risk of addiction! Ausprobieren Try it out!

➤ Did you know?

Strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C, even more than oranges and lemons. They are also a valuable supplier of folic acid and iron. So strawberries are not only delicious, they are also extremely healthy. So it can be feasted calmer right?