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Carrots burst - How to avoid it!

Carrots burst - How to avoid it!

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Carrots burst open

Vegetables in the garden are popular. Among the many varieties that you can grow yourself and that do not do much work, there are also some root vegetables that you should pay attention to the water supply.

Vegetables remain edible

For example, it may be that Burst carrots, or also radishes and radishes. This is not reflected in the destruction of the tuber, but in the fact that the vegetables tear. This is not harmful, you can still eat the vegetables, but it doesn't look particularly pretty.

Too much water is harmful

The reason for the burst is too much water after too long a drought. The root vegetables need a lot of water. If there is a dry period in summer and you do not water every day, the tuber becomes dry.

If a lot of water comes to the vegetables due to rain or intensive watering, the plant sucks them up. But since it is too much, it bursts. Therefore, root vegetables should be supplied with plenty of water and kept constantly moist.